Google’s Cross Media Panel Not Longer on iOS

cross media panel no more on ios

Come on, Google. Why’d you gotta go and do that? First, they announce the removal of YouTube from Amazon’s FireTV Stick; now, they’re getting rid of Cross Media Panel on iOS only. What’s next? Anyone with an iPhone is no longer allowed to use Google’s search engine? With the recent feuds between Apple and Google, […]

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Avoid Sounding Like An _______________

slashes cheat sheet

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed people using forward and back slashes incorrectly in speech so I’d like to clear things up. This image should help. Examples: – Websites use forward slashes: – References to folders on your computer via command line: C:\Program Files\folder name\ Can you tell the difference? If not, study […]

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Why Do 90% of People Avoid Eye Contact?

people avoid eye contact

If you’ve ever taken a walk outside, you probably noticed no one says “Hi” anymore. Why is that? In this post, I’ve covered many different reasons why people aren’t friendly like they used to be and what can be done about it!

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Walking for Miles

walking for miles

If you like random blog posts, you’ll love this one. It talks about flag design, walking, and other cool stuff.

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Steve Carell and I Are Destined to Be Friends

steve carell and I are destined to be friends

If the roles Steve Carell plays in films are any indication on how is in real life (fun-loving, humorous, kind-hearted), him and I would be very good friends. Do you think you would be great friends with him too?

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My Recent Realization

my recent realization

A few months ago, after a LONG day of menial computer tasks (you know, like copying/pasting a bajillion times), I sat and thought about my life. I was unhappy. I hated my job. But after talking with my wife, I realized one GIANT flaw in my thinking…

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The Best, 4-Ingredient Cookie Recipe You’ll Ever Try

best 4 ingredient cookie recipe

These cookies are moist, flavorful, and 100% delicious. This recipe is vegetarian/vegan and will satisfy even the pickiest eaters! The 4-ingredient recipe is…

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Are 5 “Wash Your Hands” Signs Really Necessary?

washing your hands sign

In this post, I compare the truth given in the widely-sold book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, to how it relates to hand-washing signs in my work’s bathroom.

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Banana & Almond Milk Oatmeal

oatmeal banana

If you’ve been searching for an amazingly-simple breakfast recipe that involves oatmeal, bananas, and almond milk (and takes 3 minutes to make), you’ve found it.

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Get CashCrate to Pay Your Bills! [Secret Revealed]

cashcrate earnings

CashCrate has been paying my Netflix and Hulu bills for a year. I’ve got a pretty sweet situation with them and if you’d like CashCrate to pay your bills too, keep reading…

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