Each month, I make about $30 from CashCrate…doing nothing.

Literally, nothing! Let me explain…

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What is CashCrate?

CashCrate started in 2006 and they pay you to complete offers, fill out surveys, shop online, watch videos and refer others. The moment you sign up, you can start making money. CashCrate has paid out a total of $3,910,841.32 to its members since 2006!

When I started using their site in 2015, I was very skeptical. I mean, we’ve all signed up for sites that promise us “the big bucks” but soon realize these sites are scams and a complete waste of time. CashCrate was different.

After filling out surveys, watching videos, and answering questions for 2 short hours, I had already accumulated $21.62 and received a check in the mail a few weeks later.

Getting my first check was so exciting that I even made a short YouTube video explaining my process:

CashCrate is definitely legit.

Why Do I LOVE CashCrate?

Here are just a few reasons why I love CashCrate:

  1. They’ve paid almost $4 million to their members since 2006
  2. It’s free to join
  3. You collect money after making $20
  4. Referrals make you more money
  5. It’s easy to use

They even have a Payment Wall where users submit photos of their monthly checks. Some users are making $1,000 per month from this site, most of which comes from referrals!

payment wall

I keep mentioning referrals because they’re the ticket to making 5+ times what you could make yourself.

How Do Referrals Work?

Here’s a direct quote from their website:

Referrals are people you invite to join CashCrate. Give your friend your unique referral link. When they sign up, they sign up as your referral. When they complete Cash Offers and Surveys, you earn a referral commission.

You’re making money at CashCrate. Why not share that with your friends, family, and others online? It’s a win-win for everybody. You get to help other people make money and in turn, they help you make money.

The best part is that you don’t have to limit sending this referral link to friends and family. You can share your referral link in blog posts, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, and more!

The more referrals you have, the more money you’ll make.

Who’s Doing the Work? Daily Earnings Yearly Earnings
Just You $3 $1,095
Just You $5 $1,825
Just You $10 $3,650
Just You $15 $5,475
Just You $20 $7,300

Making $20 a day might be a little unrealistic if you don’t have all day to fill out surveys; that’s why referrals are vital!

Here’s a breakdown of what you could expect if you had referrals making money for you…

Who’s Doing the Work? Daily Earnings Yearly Earnings
You ($3) + $3 in Referral Commissions $6 $2,190
You ($3) + $5 in Referral Commissions $8 $2,920
You ($3) + $10 in Referral Commissions $13 $4,745
You ($3) + $15 in Referral Commissions $18 $6,570
You ($3) + $20 in Referral Commissions $23 $8,395
You ($3) + $30 in Referral Commissions $33 $12,045

Do you see the earning potential with referrals yet?

You making $3 a day is decent money per year ($1,095) but if you had $30 from referral commissions per day, your yearly total would be $12,045. That’s a difference of $10,950! When you add referrals to the mix, you’ll make a LOT more money.

Getting as many referrals as possible is the ultimate goal if you’re really interested in making a lot of money from CashCrate.

By now you should be eager to start making money!

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If you’re already a CashCrate member, how do you like it? What types of earnings are you already making? How much would you like to make?

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