MapMyWalk Review

map my walk

In the 3 months after I stopped working out, I gained 30 pounds of FAT. This app is still helping me save my life.

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My New Facebook Cover Photo

facebook cover photo

After a few years of ignoring this website, I decided to start blogging about what matters to me. With that, I changed my Facebook cover photo to something that matches my personality. What do you think of it?

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Save $10 Using This Coupon Code: 69yz

postmates coupon code

New customers who use Postmates promo code “69YZ” will receive $10 off their order’s delivery fees while enjoying delicious food too!

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Could You Park Any Closer?!

could you park any closer

This morning felt normal. I woke up, prepared food for work, got ready, and took out my dog. I even found a crisp, $5 bill on the ground last night. I was feeling pretty good! As I hurried out the door to my car, I was surprised to see someone had crammed their car up my car’s backside…

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Cut Your Workload in Half by Outsourcing to the Philippines

outsourcing to philippines

If you’re a website owner trying to make ends meet but don’t have 8 hours a day to write keyword rich articles, outsourcing might be for you…

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1 Weird Trick to Grow Your Business – Think OUTSIDE (the Box)

think outside the box featured

Do you spend your time thinking of the next big idea you can sell to Google for 1 billion dollars? Why not try this one simple thing to expand your ideas in areas you haven’t considered?

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Market Samurai Review – Keyword Research Tool

market samurai review

Keyword research is one of the longest, most difficult processes a new website owner must take if they’re serious about making any money with their website. But it doesn’t have to be…

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What Is a Blog Network and Do They Work?

blog network

Discover truths about blog networks and if they really work.

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What is Backlinking and Why Should I Do It?

what is backlinking

Backlinking is the process of getting incoming links to your website from other websites. It’s one of the biggest reasons your website either gets visitors or is nowhere to be found in the search engines. If you’re serious about learning the best ways to get backlinks, keep reading…

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Making Money Using ‘Receipt Hog’ App

receip thog

There are ways to make a little extra money using free phone applications. I came across an app called Receipt Hog. It’s really simple to use and it’s an easy way to make a few extra bucks without doing much extra work. Here’s how it works…

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