If the roles Steve Carell plays in films are any indication on how is in real life (fun-loving, humorous, kind-hearted), him and I would be very good friends.

I’ve always wanted to meet Steve (can I call him Steve?) since the first time I saw him on The Office back in 2005. He was hilarious and his personality reminded me a lot of mine. When my family and I sit around and talk we always get into those situations where we laugh so hard it hurts. That’s how I would imagine a night-out with Steve would be.

Now, I’m not one of those “Creepy stalkers you only hear about on the Internet.”

creepy stalker
(Ok, this photo was a bad choice. Now I really look like a stalker.)

I honestly feel like him and I would be great friends.

Does anyone remember Jim Carrey’s, “Emma Stone love confession” video? You know, the one where he confesses his love for her?

Yeah, this post on Steve Carell isn’t anything like that. This is simply a tribute to one of the greatest actors of all time.

How We Compare

Steve’s Info:

  • August Birthday
  • Married (and to an actress)
  • Been in Many Movies

My Info:

  • August Birthday
  • Married (and to an actress)
  • Watched Many Movies

There must be millions of Carell fans out there who all want their chance to hang out with Steve.

Thankfully, I’m not dying or I’d use my “make a wish” to have dinner with Steve Carell. I would want a night filled with laughter because to me, that’s the best medicine.

Every time I’m having a bad, sad, or depressed day, I just pop in an episode of The Office for a quick, pick-me-up.

Steve’s character on The Office, Michael Scott, reminds me a lot of who I see myself becoming as I get older. If Steve reads that last line he’d probably think, “Wow, this guy’s life sucks.” Or he might say, “This guy needs to star in my next movie.”

Why Are You Still Reading?

I’m not sure.

Maybe you’re one of the millions of fans trying to find someone else online who shares your exact feelings?

Maybe you’re Steve Carell trying to get in touch with your audience?

Or maybe you’re just a creepy stalker of mine and now you’ve got enough information to blackmail me?

I don’t know.

Whatever the case, Steve, you’re an inspiration! Keep doing what you’re doing! Thanks for brightening my day (and the days of millions)!