I walk every day.

I’ve discovered that no matter what’s going on in my day that a simple walk will clear away all stress.

walking for miles

Today, I walked 4.5 miles in 1 hour and 10 minutes. Getting outside, sweating in the heat, and replenishing my fluids makes me feel great. I feel like I’ve discovered one of life’s greatest “hidden” gems. Walking. I say hidden because it’s right under our noses (literally) but a lot of people don’t see it.

With every walk, I notice different things. The other day I saw 7 different types of the “same” flower. At first glance, they appeared identical. But after looking at their more intricate parts, I discovered they were all slightly different in design.

How cool is that?

One in particular look really interesting with little white dots near the center. It reminded me of the American flag.

yellow flower

What does this flower remind you of?

Speaking of Flags

I watched an interesting TED talk about flag design. You’re probably thinking, “yawn!” but it was surprisingly educational.

The speaker talked about what makes a good flag and showed a few flags with poor designs. As someone who makes a living “designing things online,” I had no idea there was a list of what makes a good flag design.

Watch the video. It’s really interesting.

tl;dw (too long, didn’t watch)

What makes a good flag design?

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Use meaningful symbolism
  3. Use 2 to 3 basic colors
  4. No lettering or seals
  5. Be distinctive (or be related)

The Moral of This Eclectic Blog Post?

No moral, just thoughts:

  1. Go outside more
  2. Look at the beauty around you
  3. Love people
  4. Find joy in life
  5. Eat more vegetables
  6. Be thankful

This blog post abruptly ended.